Monday, May 21, 2007


I saw my doctor last Wednesday and discussed the possibility of trying again with him, and he was adamant that I should. He said he doesn't have a quitter's attitude and neither do I, and he still believes we could be successful. So, after talking for awhile and getting the remainder of my cerclage removed, he referred me to the neonatologist in Peoria that I had been seeing while pregnant with Sawyer.

Dr. Egley, the neonatologist, told me that he didn't know exactly what was going on with me, and that he couldn't even give me any statistics about my success. However, he said if he had to make a bet, he would still bet on my side. He said personally he has a very good feeling/vibe about my chances, but he knows that's no guarantee and shouldn't be the deciding factor for me trying again. When I said how Jim and I feel, which is that we do want to try, he said that we definitely should then. He said if I was his own daughter asking for his advice, he would tell me to give it at least one more all-out try.

So . . .long story short, I have been referred by him to a specialist at the University of Chicago Medical Center to have a transabdominal cerclage with my next pregnancy. He told me this will be permanent and my baby will have to be delivered C-section. The chances of infection occuring are much slimmer, and the chances of me carrying the baby longer are much better.

I thought I would fill everyone in on where we are at. We are going to try again, but we are going to take a break first to try to get ourselves "back on our feet," both emotionally and financially. I thank God that there is still some hope for us.


Tobi Allsup said...

I am so happy that you went & talked to the doctor! And I will pray for the guidance of the new specialist that you have been referred to! I am soooo happy that
you have received a little sunshine through this storm that you have been living the last few months! Keep us updated!

Mrs Wibbs said...

that sounds like positive news to me... And it also sounds wise to give yourselves a break before you start trying again, as that will in itself be very traumatic for many reasons! Continuing to think and pray for you. And as and when you decide to start trying again, we will start sending prayer chains round for you. Love and strength to you

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that. I can't imagine how tough a decision this would be, but I totally feel like you should try again! You guys deserve some happy news! I will continue to pray for you guys! ~Joni

Amy Naasz said...

I am so happy to read this! I will be praying for you EVERY day!

April said...

Oh my goodness, Amy, I am SO behind in reading these posts! I am so glad that you have received this news and will be praying, praying, praying for you -- for all of you as you prepare and beyond.

And I'm so very sorry that I've not stopped by. I promise I've been neglecting most everyone with the same disregard, but will be back in touch now.

In the meantime, you and Jim and Sawyer and Brian are in my prayers every night and often through the day. I pray for you when I can't sleep, which is a lot, and ask for peace and love to be showered upon you.

Love you, dearest!