Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pray for Me!

As many of you already know, my husband is beginning his CNA training in less than 2 weeks. I am still unemployed at this time.

I have spent my life searching for the right career. While I have enjoyed most of the jobs I have had, I always found something lacking, either in the job or in me. I loved working at the daycare, but after some difficulties in my life and the loss of my sons, I find it impossible to return to that setting. I have been stressing quite a bit about what I am going to do next.
I decided tonight, for no real reason, to visit the webpage of my Alma Mater, Eureka College. I found that they had a position open for Circulation Supervisor at Melick Library there.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love books, I love Eureka College, and I have always wanted to work with college students, but lacked the finances and time to get my doctorate. The job is absolutely perfect for me. It combines everything I really love and everything I have always wanted to do. I would be supervising 10-12 students, managing the online circulation system, as well as assisting in other areas of the library. How much more perfect could this job be? The kicker is that Jim is doing his CNA training and subsequent work experience in Eureka! It really couldn't be more perfect.

I have already sent my resume and cover letter. PLEASE pray that they call me to interview for this job! I just know it is the perfect job for me . . .I feel it. This is the most positive I have felt about anything in my life since Sawyer passed away. We could really use the new start in life.


Tobi Allsup said...

That sounds like a great job for you & how neat that it happens ro be in the same town that Jim will be doing his CNA training! You coud meet during your busy days for lunch! I'll keep you in my prayers! Be sure to keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Amy, that sounds perfect!! I will be thinking about you! Let me know how it goes!! ~Joni