Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pictures From the Hawaiian Style Wedding

And look how cool my hair was! Sarah's mom did it.


Kathie & Joshua said...

it looks wonderful! You look great Amy :-)

Kathie & Joshua said...

p.s. those are excellent pictures! Amy you look so pretty :-)

Aunt Colleen said...

I loved seeing the pics already.
They turned out great!!!

April said...

Wow. I haven't checked in a couple days and a whole heap of stuff has happened in your world!!
First off -- you look GORGEOUS!! I love the way the wedding looks so casual and beautiful. And Joel looks SO happy. How awesome!
Second -- glad it went ok. The roller-coaster of emotion could not have been made any easier by Jim's work schedule and lack of sleep and the emotional weight of a wedding, let alone your baby brother's to a girl you adore!
Third -- I'm really glad that you, Jim, are ok after all of that work.
Fourth -- totally unrelated -- are you going to Homecoming? And if so, will you get that lady to do your hair like that with maroon and gold pennants? :)
Love you, friends! Hang in there and tell Joel congrats for me, ok?

Carry Out said...

To bad there are no pictures of my boyfriend Santa in here! He was such a hottie, I can't wait until you can attend our wedding, just kidding :) but the reception was a lot of fun. We've got some mean dance moves!