Saturday, September 02, 2006

Amy's brother Joel and his fiancee Sarah are married today!!

As it did on Amy's and my wedding day, the weather has come up with the goods in a big way - a sunny, breezy blip in a week of cool and greyness - and as mentioned before, the ceremony is outside so it should be really beautiful. Please say a prayer for their new life together; they're a fantastic, caring, and very hard-working couple who deserve every happiness in their future.

Also, on a completely selfish note, if you're in prayer mode and happen to be reading this in the following 24 hours, I could also use a little help. I woke at 5pm yesterday then worked 3rd shift last night, and it doesn't look as if I will be sleeping at all today before I work 3rd shift again tonight. On top of that I am sick with a virus/chest/throat thing, and I'm very tired indeed. To be at Joel and Sarah's wedding is extremely important to me, and I pray that I can remain focused on the wonderful step they are taking together and my excitement for them and set aside my own discomforts.

Amy is there now getting ready, and I join her at 3:30pm - I have been asked to video the ceremony too, so you might thirdly pray that the Orson Welles in me doesn't take over, leading me to extraordinary lengths of control-freakery and perfection-seeking culminating in my deciding to playing the parts of Joel, Sarah, and Pastor Dave Craig myself. Ahhh, I can see it now... (holds up thumbs and forefingers to make frame in front of face - you know, like directors do.)

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