Sunday, September 03, 2006

And I Was Worried . . .

Well, Joel and Sarah's wedding went off without a hitch, and it was beautiful, to say the very least. I am so happy that they are married, because Sarah is like . . .well, no, not like--she IS a sister to me. I am so grateful and amazed that my sweet littlest brother found such an amazing woman to be his wife.

I was worried all along that my baby boy would not be remembered today, but I needn't have done so. He was a part of every moment. From my pearl necklace (given as a gift by Sarah to the bridesmaids--I added my silver heart that says "Brian" and the circle Jim got me that says "Hope") to so many people mentioning him and talking about him (even people I barely knew), I was so proud to know how my boy had touched the lives of so many.

The only sad part was my baby having to go off to work at 8:30. I missed him immensely, but nonetheless was proud of him.

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