Saturday, September 23, 2006

More Scenes from Home
The pictures from the previous post were from last night. These are from this morning.
This is Jim doing his best impression of when he's being asked a question by a customer.Referring to the statement on his vest:And now, the look he gives when they don't understand him:These are my new shoes (perfect for the Butterfly Girl) obtained from Jim's place o'work:
And finally, here is Maddie, giving me a look when I try to take back the new puppy:
And her reaction when I moved to try to take it anyway:

Stay tuned for some video of Jim (taken unawares) as he plays his guitar and watches himself in the mirror (a daily occurence around here).


Kathie & Joshua said...

I wondered if you had those shoes Amy-the first time I saw them in Wal-mart, I thought of you! :-)

Kathie & Joshua said...


Where is your required flair?? At least 15 pieces of flair need to be on that vest young man!


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

"I'm not really comfortable talking about my flair..."

Cath said...

show us the video! show us the video!!xxc