Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey all!

My first day at work!

It was a looo-oooong day, and there were many videos to watch, and a thousand bits of paper to sign, but I am now a Wal-Mart employee with my own name badge!

I'm pretty happy with everything, except the benefits which don't nearly amount to (initially) what they promise outwardly to prospective employees. But after a certain time they are, admittedly, excellent. I have to go in tomorrow at 8:15am to finish my CBL (Computer Based Learning - a.k.a. EQAHTNBSWL - Endless Quizzes About How To Not Be Stupid With Ladders)and then I start on Friday night, 10pm-7am as a stocker in the food section.

I am wary of being 'sold' a job, but I actually do believe Wal-Mart when they tell me that if an employee wants to, and works hard enough, they can build a career there, and that's quite exciting. As is, right now, just the thought of getting a paycheck in two weeks. Oh, and stocking up beef jerky. 'Cause just LOOKING at beef jerky is a thrill for me. IT'S SO SO GOOD.

Anyway, I'm cream-crackered right now, so I'm going to have some dinner with Amy and watch a movie or half. Hope everyone is really good, and thank-you also for all your lovely comments about Brian's website. We are both so glad that our "vision" for it actually came across.

Love to you all,

Jim and Amy

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April said...

Glad to hear it's going ok, Jim! Hurrah for gainful employment! The paycheck is a great thing, isn't it?