Thursday, August 24, 2006

Baby Update: A Plan of Action!

Well, we saw Dr. Egley today (spelled it wrong last time), and we now have a definite course of action. My blood deficiency of Protein S is not low enough to cause any real alarm or to have to take heparin. It is low, and after giving birth it is oftentimes low anyway. However, an aspirin a day (started today) will take care of that problem. The other blood mutation was something that is very common in women and not at all the cause of what happened with Brian. In fact, the Protein S deficiency is also not really a "deficiency" at all, just a little on the low side, but it also was not a contributing factor, as far as he can tell. The answer is indeed incompetent cervix. He said that we were correct (actually, the residents at St. Francis were, since they were the ones who told us about it) to think that, and it was his diagnosis as well. All the symptoms were present, and it was really a classic case. SO . . .the plan of action is, as I said, an aspirin a day to assure that everything is a-okay with my blood, and a cerclage between 10-14 weeks. That is now a definite. We are very glad to know this, as we have felt so strongly all along that it was the answer. He seemed very positive and said that actually, for many couples, fertility and achieving pregnancy is the challenge, so we are fortunate not to have that to deal with. Keep us in your prayers!

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April said...

I'm really, really happy for you that you have a good doctor and a plan that is giving you even more hope (I think I'm reading that between the lines). As for prayers -- you've got those. Now all we need to do is get you and Jim together in the same house for more than 15 minutes... :)