Thursday, March 30, 2006



Well, that's it. I am definitely, for sure, 100 p/c quitting smoking. I am writing it here so that if I was to wimp out and smoke one anytime soon I will feel like such a complete swazz-bouquet I simply HAVE to keep quitting to avoid such a gross ignominy. I am currently at about 11 hours, and I don't feel too bad! I've got some nicotine gum to help and it's a nice day today, so the timing seems right. Oh, and the house is LOVELY. We had a major clean up last night, and I think that makes a difference too. :)

OH! And I did a 12 mile cycle ride yesterday, and am going to do a 10 mile-r today I think! Amy and I came up with a really good plan - when she goes back to work after her break she drives me and my 'aluminum pedal-horse' to Tremont (or halfway, as is the case today) and I cycle back to Hopedale. It made me feel SO GOOD to be cycling again yesterday, although the wind was a little bit of an added challenge. Not a lot of hedges in Illinois, y'see. And, being a glacially formed part of the world, it's very flat, which is another way of saying it's a bit like a runway for the wind, which is another way of saying it's not easy to keep a new hairstyle looking salon-fresh.

Anyway, gotta go - do call in soon. BTW - if anyone knows of any nausea-dodging tips for pregnant women please pass them on. We'll even pay for them. :) Amy is having quite a hard time here yak-wise. All the best, guys. Wish me luck, and Amy too, double.

Eight days until we are married!


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