Monday, March 20, 2006

Hey yoo guys!

How are you all? Hope things are still kickin' on, but not too hard. Or something.

It was a good weekend! Amy's Reader's Theater team had their sectional tournament where they performed an adaptation of James and the Giant Peach. We arrived at 8 A.M., and the performance was at 1:45P.M. (and the final presentation of awards was not until 6:30P.M.!) so we all filled a long day of waiting with DVDs (Amy and I brought our TV) a final rehearsal, and gossip, which I did not participate in, but throughly enjoyed listening to. After witnessing practices every day since I got here it was extremely nervewracking to watch them finally perform it, and I thought they did exceptionally well. They're a great bunch of kids and getting to know them was definitely a privilege.

Being such a small school Tremont lacks many of the advantages of the schools we were competing against. For instance, our 'crew' comprised of Amy, and Jim, plus the kids, while the school before us had a crew of sixteen people - PLUS the cast. We transported our set using the school bus, and our van, while the school after us had three U-HAUL trucks. As four of our cast were singled out by judges for special mention during the awards, it was clearly these inequalities, rather than the kids performances, that resulted in our fifth-place overall placing. So, an international round of applause, please, for Coach Amy, and cast Ben, Marshall, Lisa, Kerri, Melanie, Ashley, Meaghan, Katie, and Breanna. (Special mention also to the peach-colored set, painted using erratically-shaped sponges custom-made by Jim. :) )

Things are going good here. After a bit of a slow past week (with the exception of Saturday) we have resolved to achieve a few things this week. I am going to brush up on my rules of the road and hopefully take my written test next Saturday. We are also looking into getting health insurance and (ugh!) quitting smoking. Like Jeremy Paxman it's important, and bloody difficult. :) Today though is a house-cleaning day. I have already steam-cleaned (or 'Bissel-ed' for trademark-become-adjective fans) the carpets, and after Amy naps we are to tackle the extraordinary and tear-inducing mountain of dishes and glasses that are beyond begging, but rather now silently appealing for a wash. Seriously, if a roasting pan had eyes, ours would have those of a Brazilian street-urchin. Oh, and while we scrub (and blub) we are going to listen to The Flews - I got the CD today from Mike, and am excited to share it with Amy. Thanks dude!

Anyway, gotta go - drop in again later with more news.

Jim and Amy x

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