Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hey everyone!

Phew! Not written for a few days, but we have good excuses. First, Amy and I have been sick for the last four days with a horrid throaty/nosey/achey/shaky devil-cold, from which we have thankfully recovered. By which I mean we can now approach daylight without making crosses with our fingers, and food no longer seems to be the wrong thing to put in your mouth. Secondly, a medium-sized unmanned space probe fell on our house on Saturday. While this was shocking n'all, I must admit that the first reason is probably the main reason for the lack of updates. Also, the second one might be a lie.

Anyway, I know you're all waiting for the news, so here's an extra special mega-update, forthwith, and without further unnecessary preamble. Much.

The cold situation has made it a funny few days but we've still managed to be pretty busy. The funeral went really well - it was a lovely service, and - though it seems funny to say for a funeral - a lovely atmosphere.Amy's song went really well and her and Keith both were congratulated afterwards for a really excellent job. The service ended with the playing of the Johnny Cash version of 'Danny Boy', a more perfect song in a more perfect place I couldn't imagine.

That afternoon Amy and I visited, in a roundabout way (long story), Illinois Cycle and Fitness in Peoria. (Both already suffering with hacking coughs and runny noses - spot the irony. I've underlined it for ya.) We bought some stuff to fix up our bikes. Mine especially was in a slightly needy state, but they are now gleaming and speedy and ready to ride as you can see. Mine has brand new Bontrager semi-slick tires, and super-light bar-ends.

While we're here, here's Amy's bike too. It called the Next 'Plush', which is cute.

On Saturday we tested them for the first time when rode to Froggy's, bought a burger and some sweet potato fries each, and rode out to Robison Lake and had a windy, but fun picnic. On the way home I even found the strength - and inspiration - to dazzle Amy with a bunny hop, which she said made her feel happy all over. Well, okay, but she DID say it was cool. :)

The next couple of days were a bit blurry. I remember Kleenex. I recall Day-Quil, and Ni-Quil, and Vicks. I fancy I heard the angels a-calling... we did manage to go to church on Sunday though which was really good.

We had some major weather problems here over the last week too. After some icy/snow stuff early on, then a big time rainy patch, at the weekend we were under tornado watch for two days and, by the end of it, nine people had died in Missouri (adjacent state) while Springfield, Illinois and other parts too near for comfort were ravaged by some pretty nasty storms. Luckily we suffered only 24 hours of big old thunderstorms and wildly fluctuating temperatures. Which brings us somehow to yesterday, when I checked the mail and found to my delight that my Social Security card had arrived! (Have to cover up the number though - over here that's like putting your credit card details online...)

Wahoo! I can now open a bank account, and learn to drive, and enrol in my GED classes when I want! I am going to go full-throttle on reading the Rules of the Road, and hopefully take my written test in a week or two. I can't wait to get started!! Then, to top off a really excellent day, we went out to eat at Applebee's with Joel and Sarah, and on the way back stopped at their house where I got to see Joel feed his giant fish with little ones. We also bought the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line which we are going to watch tonight.

Oh, and Maddie and Sammy say hi. As you can see, they recently became joined at the butt.

So, dat's dat. Hope you are all doing well. I understand there's been a few cold/flu's over there too. Hope you're all getting better. Oh, and Ali - hope your computer gets back to you sooner rather than later. Drop us an email when it does, ok? Take care everyone!

Jim and Amy

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