Monday, March 06, 2006

Hello there!

Well, Amy's bloodwork was just fine - and she was very brave indeed. Not a faint, a dribble, or a 'God save me!' in sight. And there was no arm-jerk, or ten-minute chase around the office either, which is always a good thing. Thanks mom for the email - you're right. We both agreed that when it comes to blood we would rather be jabbed than be jabbing. :)

We spent a great day yesterday with Keith and Ashleigh, first at the movies where we saw "When A Stranger Calls" and then shopping in Peoria where Jim could have spent the gross national product of Spain, but managed to hold himself back with the help of an armlock. The movie was... well, it had promise. We all agreed that the while the omission of important details is one thing the liberal inclusion of unecessary - indeed baffling - ones is another, but that a movie with only two things wrong with it isn't a waste of six bucks. Which is probably what they should have paid the lead...

And that ends Jim's movie review section for this week.

Dan's visitation is tomorrow at 4:00pm, and the funeral is on Wednesday. Keith offered to sing with Amy which will be really helpful. We also bought a G.E.D. book at Borders yesterday which I have already been studying and finding mercifully manageable. The G.E.D. is a test you can take here which upon passing gives you the equivalent of a high school diploma, and thus opens your way into further education, certain jobs etc. I was a little worried about the science section, but was amazed how much I knew somehow. It's incredible what how much you learn through life just from being interested in 'stuff', you know? And credit also to Johnny Ball.

Anyway - gotta fly. Love to everyone, and speak soon.


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