Thursday, April 19, 2007


It's surprising to me how many people have reached out to us. Especially since some of the people who are the closest to us haven't said a word about Sawyer . . .not sorry, not we loved him, nothing. I know they did love him, and it's probably because it's hard for them that they aren't speaking . . . but they have no idea how much it would mean to Jim and I to hear that they are missing our son. That's why it's so incredible how many people have reached out to us with loving arms, people we've never even met, to tell us how sorry they are and how much Sawyer inspired them. I also find myself thinking of Brian too, and hoping that he isn't forgotten. They are both our boys, and both equally loved.

Thanks to all of you for reaching out. It means more than you could ever know.

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Leah said...

This stranger in Alaska is also praying for you.

I had looked at your tiny boy's pictures and prayed.

And now I grieve with you and pray for God's peace upon you.

~leah in Alaska