Friday, July 28, 2006


First, hope you're all well. Second...

... I passed my drivers' test!! And look - here's my license!

Well wahoo, anyway! It wasn't (like most things) as big a deal as I had thought, but I think I did fairly well anyhow. I took my test in Roanoke (which for those of you who know Roanoke will probably raise a smile) but it's not like I'm planning on tackling the Chicago Loop anytime soon. Though I am planning to compete in the 2007 Indy 500. And place high, believe me.

In celebration I drove us back through a McDonalds, then through Peoria. For those of you who know Peoria at the moment, ain't it a bummer? Most of the improvements are looking awesome, but in parts it looks like the results of a giant baby playing in a sandbox. Btw - the 'B' restriction on the license refers to my eye sight, i.e. legally I have to wear glasses when driving, which shouldn't be a problem as I don't drive much in the shower or while asleep in bed.


Here's Amy's license too! She wanted hers on here too - she's had hers for ages though, which is why she can eat fries and drive at the same time without dropping any.

If anyone can tell us why mine is type "ORG", and Amy's is type "COR", we'd really appreciate it. We've looked it up everywhere and it's been bugging us silly. The best we can think of is that with mine being a first issue the 'ORG' might mean 'Original', and because Amy changed her address and got a new card recently her 'COR' may mean 'Corrected'. Hmm.

We've been working really hard on the website for Brian, and it's coming along really nicely. It should be done in a couple of days now. It's been a really nice way of organizing not just the pictures and items related to him, but also our feelings regarding his birth. I can't wait to be able to share it with you all. We called into the cemetery also on the way home and his grave looked beautiful as ever. I showed him my new license - for once in my life I actually wished my picture had gotten a giggle.

We also visited with a really lovely lady called Irma Robbins yesterday, who works for OSF St. Francis in support of mothers whose babies die in childbirth or shortly afterwards. She gave us pictures of Brian taken in the hospital, which are more precious than we can say. She also gave us a bear, unfinished so we could add the last of the stuffing, together with a little heart token which we could put inside him. We called him Ringo and have dressed him in the same clothes we buried Brian in. He's really a handsome bear - we're going to put him on our website too.

Anyway, gots to go.

Takes care,

Jim - and Amy x x

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April said...

Doesn't ORG mean organ donor in Illinois? That'd be my guess. Congrats on the license. I don't think I'll be coming to central Illinois for a while :).