Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hooray! Hurrah! Wahoo! And all the other 'whoops'.

Here is a picture of my EAD card, which means that I am now legally able to get up at unearthly hours and do stuff in return for money. Go to work, I mean.

Cool, isn't it? Though why do I ALWAYS look like a criminal in passport photographs???

Plus, in a complete shock development Amy and I received an interview request from the USCIS today pertaining to my Adjustment of Status application. It's at 10:30am on September 7th (my sister's birthday!) in Chicago. Darn. Looks like we'll have to stay in another nice hotel for the night. Probably one with a hot tub, knowing our luck. Just hope they don't have a pool.

If the interview goes as it should, I will get a Permanent Resident card (the infamous 'green card') which means I can, for the first time, live and work without restrictions. Exciting stuff!

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone for your support after Brian's death. It has meant so much to us. We are currently beavering away on a website devoted to Brian which should be ready soon. We'll post the address on here as soon as it's done. We're missing him very, very much, but we have a lot of hope for the future, not a small part of which was given to us by Brian himself.

Love to you all,

Jim and Amy

P.S. - I am planning to take my driver's test on Friday morning. Say a prayer for me. Stay indoors.

P.P.S. - I have already applied for three jobs. One at Staples, one at Wal-Mart (night-work only), and one at Menards. I do have one problem with working at Menards though. Every time I hear the name I think of someone doubled over having just been punched in the family jewels saying "Ooh, me nards." I decided not to put that on the application form.


Anonymous said...

Jim and Amy,

That is exciting!! Congrats! :-)

Kerri Rae

April said...

oh, hee, hee... me nards. I think if you could somehow incorporate that into an interview complete with actions, that could help. Though perhaps Menards doesn't give points for creativity... hmmm. Anyway, glad to hear that the process is nearing completion.
And I'm enjoying checking for Brown-Rennie news. It was really cool to see the wedding photos. You both look deliriously happy.
Cheers! ~April