Monday, June 12, 2006

Packing... packing... packing...

Moving is a load of crap. Which has to be put in boxes and driven somewhere new. That's why moving is a load of crap.

Hehe. More seriously, it's all good - I spent the day today packing kitchen stuff which I've decided is the worst part of all, but we're very close now! We have set, tentatively (but with determination) to move on Friday of this week, which is exciting.

Amy is feeling lots of pops and wriggles from the baby over the last couple of nights. She thinks it's just baby movements, but I think he may have World Cup Fever too. He totally got excited by Sweden's 0-0 tie with Trinidad & Tobago (I think he knew it made the group much easier for England) and was DEFINITELY more muted after the U.S.A. lost. Movements are a really nice sign though, and help Amy a lot in relaxing about the baby's health and well-being. I've tried to feel them too, but despite sitting next to Amy with my hand on her tum for fifteen minutes with my tongue poking out of the corner of my mouth (helps me concentrate) I think the moves are just too small at present to come through.

Aye well. Gonna go wake Amy and have some dinner with her - hope you're all good.

Jim and Amy

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