Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hey all!

Still packing...

Well, DEFINITELY reassuring news, but not the big 'male or female' news from our visit on Wednesday to Dr. Harrington. The baby looks GREAT. He has proper arms, legs and feet and even toes now! Not only is he growing at exactly the rate that he should be at this stage, but he once again decided to put on a dance show for us, and ALMOST sucked his thumb. Dr. Harrington said that as he was this active this soon, that by the end of the pregnancy Amy might be feeling some REAL kicks and prods. We think the fact that Amy and I spent over an hour singing a capella Beatles songs in bed the night before might have been something to do with it...

By the luck of the draw he happened to be lying very low in Amy's womb, so the ultrasound itself (hence the not being able to He or Her our baby!) but especially the resulting prints are a lot less clear than last time. Still, we'll scan them and put them up in the next few days. Because he wasn't able to tell the sex yet Dr. H has made another appointment for a more thorough ultrasound in four weeks, which is quite a nice bonus really - means we can have another little health check and "Ahhhhhhh! How cyoooooooot!" sooner than we had expected. :)

Anyway, we have a busy afternoon coming up. We are off to Peoria in a bit to meet up with Amy's friend April, who is a minister up in Rock Falls, Illinois, then right from there tio Eureka to have a cookout with Mark, Marsha, and the rest of Amy's family.

So, hope you are all really well - speak to you again soon!

Jim and Amy and Little One
x x x

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