Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Yes, news.

Just looked at my 'case status' on the USCIS website, and for the first time since 3rd June when I had my biometrics done, my case has been updated. This is called a 'touch' and almost always bodes well - it means that my work authorization should not be long now! Which is a relief, as I have very little money. In fact, the same little that a cotton dwarf would be if it shrunk to nothing and then was put through the washing machine. The only thing it could very possibly be that would be a large f*rt (to put it sonically) would be an RFE - Request For Evidence - which would mean we didn't give them enough paperwork when we applied. Usually, though, these arrive much sooner, when the case is first checked.

Exciting stuff!

Jim and Amy

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