Thursday, June 22, 2006


Here I am, writing this from our new apartment. Things are still fairly chaotic - the house is quite a bit smaller than the one we left, and we didn't realise that the things we left in the closets of our old house would breed, and double in number by the time we left. Still, we're definitely getting there, and thank goodness all the lifting and walking up and down stairs with arms full of heavy boxes is done.

My tooth... ok. I went to the dentist on Wednesday morning, had an x-ray, and sure enough I had an infected root which has spread up to my cheekbone which is a little bit painful. So he asked whether I'd rather take antibiotics for a week and come back and have it pulled, or just go for it right away. So I got all manly and said "Go 'head, bub. Pull that sum-b*tch." Or words to that effect. So five injections, and twenty minutes later we decided my mouth was numb enough, and Dr. Loudermilk (yes, that's his name) got pulling and twisting and... PAIN!!!! He explained that it was the infection that was counteracting the anaesthetic, and gave me three more injections into my gum. Cue pulling/twisting, cue... PAIN!!!! Then he stepped back and told me that he didn't feel comfortable pulling the tooth. So, I left, $56.00 poorer, with a numb face and a wrenched, still there, still infected tooth. Still, I also had a prescription for the antibiotics for my troubles, which I have been taking. I just need to decide now if I go back to the same guy and have the extraction attempted again (which he said he was 'fairly' sure would be easier this time) or spend - wait for it - $270.00 to have it pulled under gas. Not sure yet what I want to do, but money may well decide the issue. Grrr. I really need a job and insurance, BAD.

We went and played poker at Keith and Ashleigh's house tonight - it was very cool, and I won, despite an earlier mishap where I bet almost everything on what I thought was a straight (10, J, K, A) only to realize upon showing my hand that I... er... didn't have a jack. I realized I like poker - you can win even if you're a dork.

Anyway, hope you are all great (and enjoying Cornwall, Rennie family! Send pictures!!)

Take care,

Jim and Amy

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