Friday, December 01, 2006


Wow!!! Winter has most emphatically "taken a seat" here in Tremont, Illinois! Yesterday at about 8:00PM, after a day of freezing rain and temperatures between 25 and 28 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 2-4 Celsius) it began to snow, and did not stop until about 11:00AM this morning.

Amy was due at work at 7:45am today - luckily I had a day off - so we rose at about 7:25am and went out to exhume the car. As soon as I started scraping and shoveling, I became quite convinced that Tremont United Methodist Childcare Center would be Amy-less, if not entirely staff-less for the day, but from her vantage point inside the car (a crucial difference!) Amy thought we could make it out. And she was right, and so was I. What does that mean? It means we made it about eight feet out, before the car ran aground (or "asnow") and Amy's phone rang. It was 7:43, and it was Jennifer, the manager of the Childcare Center, to tell Amy that school was called off. I have never desired to actually murder anyone - something I like to mention on my resume - but at that moment my numbed, frostbitten hands could easily have scuttled down to the Methodist Church and strangled Jennifer. Had that happened, I don't think I could have been held responsible. My hands however, would have been sentenced to anything from 15-25 years, and I would have had to visit twice a month, and smuggle in little bottles of peony moisturiser inside cakes, and my hands would have a simply awful time. You know hard it is to play the harmonica without lips? Anyway, almost 12 inches of snow fell last night, and the result was pretty spectacular, and spectacular, and also pretty. You might remember THIS POST HERE from back in March when we were in Hopedale. Well, as the pictures below show, we got a little more of the frozen stuff this time.

Here are some photos for you all!

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it... stop!"

Hope you enjoyed them! We may take a few more later, and stay tuned: we have a special baby scan and Christmas tree double-posting coming very soon! Until then, hope you are all well and safe.


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