Sunday, May 28, 2006

Boo! - gotcha.

WOW! It's a hot, hot, hot day here today - as hot as something that's 93 degrees. It's a holiday weekend here - Monday is 'Memorial Day' - which means (kinda like U.K. Bank Holidays) that everyone gets Monday off! Read all about Memorial Day here:

And it's luvverly! And hot!

We took Maddie for a walk (and little swim!) by the lake today, and then came back and pootled in the backyard for a while. Maddie was very hot, so of course the only option was to dump a bowlful of water upon her little beagle-head. Of course. And, of course, this moment needed to be videoed and blogged for all to see. I'm trying a new video hosting service, so hopefully this'll work okay. I think there might be some weird black borders on there, but other than that it's fine. Look....!

AAAAAAAAND, as if that wasn't enough value for your click, here's some footage of Jim Rennie's soccer genius, which still burns within him like a beacon of... um... genius. Years from now people will say "Look at what this guy did with his feet!" without ever knowing that I used to chew my toenails. Oh, and btw - Amy asked me to assure everyone that she does not have T.B. - the heavy breathing is caused by the camera being so close to her face as she filmed.

And, here is a bonus picture of Sammy looking extremely picture-postcard in our flower bed.

Tomorrow we are going to Amy's parents for a Memorial Day cookout and lounge about, and may swim in their pool. If I am not too shy. Eeeeeek, etc.

Love you guys and hope the weather wherever you are is as good, or getting better.

Bye! Jim and Amy

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