Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hey everyone!

NON-SMOKER FOR: Had a slip, cause I ended up like this:

Still doing good though... Never mind. Better news to report! Look down!

I got my instruction permit this morning after passing my written drivers' test with a score of (drumroll...) ONE HUNDRED (100) PERCENT. I thought I could probably do it, but I never expected the ton! Actually, I had no idea whether I could do it, until Amy pointed out the man eating his own shoe in the corner who had come to renew his license, and convinced me that if HE could do it... well, anyway. I can now legally drive about and practice doing the right things and turning here and braking there and going wheeee! and brmmmm! and waving in a cool way with one hand at other road users. WAHOO! My signature went a little squiffy though - can you tell I was excited?? :)

In other news, I've been cycling alot - I did 18 miles the other day! Really enjoying it.

That's me above! I'm on Hopedale road heading towards Townline Road, on the way to Pekin. It sounds corny but I feel like I am reconnecting a little with the countryside rather than always driving past it at 40mph. It makes you feel a little more rooted in the place you live, I think, to know what it smells like and how cold it is and what it sounds like and feels like about you. And Illinois is wonderful in all respects I am pleased to report - except for the immediate area around one farm which, to be frank, reeks it up a treat.

Amy is doing good - her sickness was getting really nasty. I'd never seen someone try to repaint a major highway orally, but I can check that box now. Seriously, she's being extremely brave, and thankfully for the last 48 hours it's been a bit better. We're going to see the OB on Wednesday - pray for us that all is well.

Anyway, half a bag of cheese popcorn has made me rather thirsty. Hope you are all great, and speak soon.

Jim (and Amy!)

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