Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hey y'all how's it goin we're fine and dandy so how 'bout you guys then cool well here's a blog entry for ya,

How's that for an intro. As promised, here are the ultrasound scans from this morning. We're having a real baby!!!! It has a heartbeat and everything! Right now it's about two inches long, has little blobs that are becoming feet and hands, and IS a definite sex, though is keeping it a secret from everyone for another month or few.

All is good and healthy according to the doctor, and the heartbeat was measured at a steady 170bpm, which is spot on correct for a nine week-old baby-to-be. Wahoo!

It felt so, so good to actually see the little guy (or gal) growing in there. It feels more real, and also more vulnerable. I suddenly don't want Amy to go anywhere near a trampoline. In fact, the damn things should be made illegal.

We have another appt. next Tuesday, but we're not quite sure what for - as far as we know it's just to meet the midwife who will be with us throughout the pregnancy.

So there he/she is! Nine weeks and already almost a quarter of the size of a newborn. Hope you like him! I think he already takes after me. He obviously is very happy lying down. Oh, and this is for Ali - I'm gonna try and play some Libertines through Amy's tummy while she's pregnant. That way it gets both a genius musical education and a sound lesson in the foolishness of drugs before it's even born. And it'll probably know how to rock. They say that comes very early on.

Hey there dude! We plan to find out the sex at some point, and truly, either way is GREAT by me, as long as it's not a gameshow host. Seriously, healthy boy or healthy girl - there is no second place here, is there?
"Here's looking at you, kid," is what I wanted so badly to say, but thankfully didn't, during the examination. Isn't he/she awesome, though?

And there you go! Hope you are all doing well and healthy. We'll of course keep you posted and updated. Speak again soon!

Jim, Amy, and Peanut.

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