Wednesday, December 17, 2008

THANK YOU! (and clarification)

Hey--just wanted to thank everybody for their support and all the sweet comments. :) It means a lot to both of us!

I also wanted to clarify something about her name very quickly. I have had a lot of notes from people who say, "I love the name Amelia." I just wanted to point out that I didn't misspell--it is actually AmeliE (e on the end, not a). It is similar to Amelia . . .Amelia being the German, and Amelie the French.

Many people have also asked me how we will pronounce it. It is ah-muh-lee.

Just wanted to make sure I clarified so everyone would know what her name actually is and how to pronounce it. Thanks, everybody! We are so lucky to have such great, supportive friends in our lives. Now, if I can just make it through the next THREE WEEKS without anything happening to my cervix, I think it should be smooth sailing from then on.


Adam said...

Hey Amy! I found your blog and am so excited to hear that your pregnancy has been so wonderful with Amelie. I am diabetic, so I got to see Dr. Egley with my daughter, Natalie. You could not be in better hands! He and his staff are a joy to be with, and you get lots of ultrasounds! :) We will be praying that you have a wonderful remaining 17 weeks and a lovely time bonding with your daughter. -Ashley (West) Graber

Amber said...

That's such a cute name! I love it : ]

Div said...

First...let me congratulate you on your pregnancy. I sincerely pray to god to give you a healthy full-term baby.
I lost my son at 37 weeks on Nov 08, 2008. They do not know the reason for our loss. I was seeing Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists at OSF before and from now on I will be seeing Dr. Egley at Methodist (because of my new insurance). Our first appt with Dr. Egley is on Jan 20th. I came across your blog and wanted to know if we should know anything particular about Dr. Egley's office. I am not pregnant now. But we definitely want to have babies. Meeting Dr. Egley is our first step towards next pregnancy..before we TTC again.
My email address is
Please give us your input.
Thank you