Tuesday, October 16, 2007

She's BAAAACK . . .

Okay. Not really. I haven't got time for a full blog. Honestly. Work has been really tiring, and on top of that, I had some major dental surgery and lots of blood and swelling and pain and not eating and not sleeping. Oh, and vicodin (which didn't work at ALL) and codeine (which helped a little).

I'm off the painkillers and dealing with life. I want to tell you all about meeting my angel-mom friend, Amy, a couple weekends ago. I also want to tell you about my weekend with my love. So that will follow soon, I promise. At least by this weekend.

Oh, yes, and before you ask . . .the babymaking has begun. I just finished my first period since I went off birth control. So wish us luck and send up lots of prayers for the safety of our future baby-in-the-making. And always remember our boys, our first loves, our guiding stars. We are especially thinking of them during this month of remembrance.

"You cannot catch a child's spirit by running after it; you must sit still and for love it will eventually return."

~Arthur Miller

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Aunt Colleen said...

What is an angle-mom? Good luck and stay strong, I worry about you trying again. I know I would have too also, but.... the hurt is so awful. I will continue to pray for you like always. Glad the teeth are alittle better. Hang in there.