Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, it's been awhile since I've blogged, so I thought I was due for an update. So I'll try to briefly tell you the highlights of the last couple of weeks.

Labor Day weekend, Jim and I both had Monday off. So Friday after work, we left for Siloam Springs in Clayton, Illinois to camp. I can't even describe how GORGEOUS it was there. It was so beautiful and peaceful. The State Park is really a huge natural preserve with a few campsites set into it. It isn't a "campground" where there's lights strung between trailers and campers right next to each other, partying with their grills and beers. It's for nature lovers. We spent the morning on Saturday in Hannibal, Missouri. We went on a tour of the cave that inspired Mark Twain's tales in "Tom Sawyer," which was really cool. I was a little freaked, to say the least, of the bats flying overhead, but I got through without one getting caught in my hair (one of my big fears). We went there when I was a child, and my mom said I screamed the entire way through it (it's about an hour and a half hike). We got back to the campground a little after noon, ate lunch, and went out rowing on the lake. Jim is quite a natural at rowing, and in 2 hours, we managed to see every corner of the lake, which is quite large. Maddie went with us and had a nice time too! Saturday night, we went on a little drive, just at sunset, because on the way, we had seen hundreds of deer and were trying to find some more. We saw lots of them, but when we came to a little secluded area just on the edge of the park, we had an amazing experience. We were listening to the album Kenny Loggins made for his son, which has some really beautiful songs on it. I never thought I'd say I was a Kenny Loggins fan, but this album is truly lovely. We came upon a deer, eating his dinner at the edge of the treeline. We stopped the car, but kept the music playing softly, and rolled down the windows. As we sat, the deer ventured further and further out into the grass, nearer and nearer to our car. He looked directly at us several times, and seemed a bit wary at first, but then relaxed and appeared to trust that we would not hurt him. Soon, he was joined by a doe. We sat and watched them for a bit, and then I noticed a tiny set of ears poking out above the bushes right at the treeline. It was a fawn. His parents seemed to almost give him little signals that it was okay, and he ended up coming out with them. Soon, the whole family was right up near the car. The song playing was "The Horses," which I reprinted the lyrics of below. You will understand after reading them how it felt to hear that song while watching the deer. I realized suddenly how beautiful this was, how amazing and precious. I knew Brian and Sawyer were with us, and I cried, but it was a really wonderful kind of crying. After a few more moments, another car came down the road, and the older deer flicked their white tails at the baby, who ran immediately into the woods. The other two slowly made their way back to him, and soon they had all disappeared. I can't describe in words what this meant to us, but it was such a wonderful moment between us and those graceful animals.

"The Horses"

~Kenny Loggins

We will fly way up high

Where the cool winds blow

Or in the sun laughing, having fun

With all the people that we know

If the situation should keep us separated

I know the world won't fall apart

You will free the beautiful bird

Caught inside your heart

Can you see her? Oh she flies so proud

Cast her wild wings over water and cloud

That's the way it's gonna be little darling

We'll go riding on the horses

Way up in the sky little darling

If you fall I'll pick you up, pick you up

If you fall I'll pick you up, I'll pick you up

You will grow until you go

I'll be right there by your side

And even then a whisper in a wind

Will call me to you in the night.

I hear all the people of the world

In my one bird's cry

I see them trying every way they know

To make their spirits fly

Can you see the moonlight in her eye

Coming from under my wing

You were born to fly

That's the way it's gonna be, little darling

We'll go riding on the horses

Way up in the sky little darling

If you fall I'll pick you up, I'll pick you up

If you fall I'll pick you up...

Then, on Sunday, we returned home for a family reunion. There were about 40 people at my parents house, and we had a lot of fun just hanging out. I really enjoyed seeing everyone. We ate a lot, swam a lot, and laughed a lot.

Last Friday night, Tremont dedicated the school's new football field and athletic facilities. There's a new track, locker room, baseball field, softball field, and football field, all top-of-the-line and beautiful. My grandfather, William Poorbaugh (Brian William is named for him), was the superintendent of Tremont schools until his death from cancer in 1978. So the old football field was named for him, and the new field was rededicated to him. Our whole family attended . . .all of my mom's siblings and their children, my grandmother, and all the grandkids and great-grandchild, Kyleigh. My grandma and her children went on the field for a short ceremony and my grandma spoke. It was very nice. I missed the boys a lot that night, and wished so badly they could be there. I know my grandpa is with them now, and is so proud of them. It gave me comfort that the cemetery where they are buried is overlooking the field. Then Grandpa is buried close by, overlooking the high school. At first we were a little disappointed, because we loved the fields that used to be there--they were so peaceful and lovely. But after thinking about it, we felt happy that our boys would be overlooking other young people playing and having fun. It seems fitting for two little guys to be able to be near all of that life.

At halftime, we left. Jim had to work, so he had to be up at 4 am. He decided to go to bed, and I went out with my brother Joel and his wife, Sarah. We went to a little bar in town, and as we were walking in, we noticed my cousin and her boyfriend walking in ahead of us. Then my aunt and uncle arrived and followed us in! We went inside, and another aunt and uncle were already at the bar, and soon we were joined by another aunt and uncle and my cousin Carrie (who is under 21 and DIDN'T drink, since there was some concern over this)! We had a great night together. The aunts and uncles left after an hour or so, and some kids from high school came in and hung out with us. I had a lot of fun.

Last Wednesday, I was talking to my friend Donna at work, and she said she and her husband were going to see American English with her daughter Jamie (also a friend from work) and her boyfriend. They wanted us to go, and of course, we had to! If you have never heard of American English, they are an absolutely fantastic Beatles tribute band. Anyone who knows Jim and I knows what HUGE Beatles fans we are, so you can imagine that we are not easily impressed by covers or tributes. It takes a lot for us to enjoy anyone else trying to play Beatles songs. That being said, we LOVE American English. We first saw them several years ago, and have wanted to see them again ever since. They don't just do the early stuff, as is the typical repertoire for most Beatles cover bands . . .but they cover the entire Beatles experience, all the way through to Abbey Road. They also do costume changes, and come out in full Sergeant Pepper's regalia. They even had incense burning during the second act! It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait until they come back to the area so we can see them again!

Then last night, we went out to Kouri's with our friends Kathie and Josh. It was a whole lot of fun, but we're about to go to bed . . .we're still in recovery. We were up until 5 AM! We're getting wayyyyyy too old for that!

Well, that about does it . . .work is so busy, but we're both enjoying our jobs and making more money than usual, which has come in handy. We're trying to build up a little surplus for our next pregnancy. And more pictures of the camping trip next time,which hopefully will be in the next couple of days. We got some amazing shots of the hills, caves, forests, lakes, and rocky landscapes. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and enjoy your week!


aunt colleen said...

You wonuldn't have to write so much if you kept up to date with this. Glad you 2 had a great weekend and got away. you need that now and then.

Carry Out said...

Glad to see you finally came back I was feeling like the lone family writing entertainment. Way to throw me into the bar sentance, that was a good time, but lots of fun. Hope you guys are doing good. I plan on coming to Tremont in a few weeks to visit and I might stop by! Oh by the way I gave someone one of our high fives today, you know five and stick it:)

April said...

It all sounds lovely, Amy. Just wanted to drop by, say hi, and tell you that you've been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately. Much love!

aunt colleen said...

time for a new update.
come on !!!!