Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have decided to start writing more again . . .don't know if anyone actually is following anymore, but the blog started as a way to keep Jim's family involved and updated with our lives, so I'd like to at least write for their benefit.

I also would love to print out every blog I've written and write my novel someday soon. I think it would be therapeutic to me, and hopefully helpful to others who have been through something similar. It might even help people who are insensitive or don't understand the fact that this is a LIFELONG process to somehow open their eyes . . .or maybe at least soften their hearts a little.

I have felt recently some annoyance at times from people who seem to think that since Amelie is here and healthy, we aren't supposed to miss/think about/love the boys. We are SO blessed with Amelie. She is our first daughter, and our love for her is pure and unique TO her. Missing the boys doesn't lessen our love for her. Loving her doesn't lessen our love for the boys. I even miss and love Brian and Sawyer in different ways. Each of our children is special and important to us, and we will always love them.

Amelie is really changing so much every day now . . .it is just amazing to watch her learn and grow. She is babbling all the time, laughing at silly things, and really starting to relate to the world around her. It's hard to remember life without her, and I just pray every day that we are able to spend many years here on earth together.

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