Monday, March 16, 2009

Well, baby girl is kicking like the next karate kid lately. I love it! It's so much fun now . . .you can actually see my entire belly move when she does! She is so big . . she measures about 3-4 weeks ahead on sonograms, and about 6 weeks ahead with the uterus measurements. I just hope she fits into all the newborn clothes I bought for her! But I am glad she is big and growing well. The next few weeks are going to go sloooow! I am loving the weather, though. That will make the wait a little bit easier. We are happy to wait--obviously we want her to go full term--but we also are very excited to meet her, so we want the remaining time to move by quickly (as if)!

Please keep my friend April and her baby Emmeliese in your prayers. Emmeliese was born last Tuesday (the 10th). She was born full term, but had some problems with oxygen saturation and a rapid heartbeat. She also was born with an infection. She is currently in the level 2 NICU nursery with a PICC line for antibiotic treatment. She was jaundiced, but recently came off the bili lights. Overall she is doing really well. She is having some trouble with nursing, but other than that, seems to be progressing quite nicely towards coming home soon! Just keep them in your prayers. It is hard for any parent to have to leave their child in the hospital. We are just rejoicing that it won't be long before little Emmeliese will be able to join her family at home.

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April said...

Amy -- thank you so much for posting this! I appreciate your prayers. AND -- thanks for your awesome gift. You are sneaky. I thought you were asking for information's sake.

FYI -- all three of mine have measured about 1 1/2 lb-2 lbs bigger than they actually have been. Annalivia measured at 8 lb 3 oz and then was 6 lb 1 oz. Even Emmeliese, who had a much better ultrasound machine, was supposed to be 8 lb 11 oz. As the doc said, I hid my baby well. We both probably know what that means. :)