Thursday, May 08, 2008

So . . .I've been living my new healthy lifestyle for a week now. Actually 8 days. I have lost 10 pounds, which isn't too bad I suppose (although I do struggle with impatience and the need for instant results). For the first few days, I was concentrating on the food part--calories, fat, protein, and carbs. Then two days ago I added exercise and began walking a mile each night, and this afternoon--joy of all joys!--my Sweatin' to the Oldies DVD arrived! Yes, that's right . . .I could relive the days of high school PE aerobics with Richard and the 80's gang. I did the whole workout, and even though it was fairly simple, I did sweat and it did strain me. One must bear in mind that it's been over a decade since I've really exercised. But I had fun. I really love Richard's workouts--you feel like real people are capable of doing them successfully and losing weight. I also felt really good afterwards. I had planned to join my already sleeping husband for a nap, but alas, I was suddenly overcome with energy--go figure! My dog is happy with this whole arrangement too, because she never gets to lick real plates . . .but now that many of my foods come out of plastic trays, she gets to lick them at the end, and this makes her feel fulfilled.

I am really obsessed with the food part. I track every single last calorie I eat, down to this morning's single servings of Coffee Mate (30 calories each)! A couple of my friends at work have joined me, which is really nice and helps with motivation. It's also funny, because we're pretty desperate to get the most food possible for our calories. I was telling them today how I use my fingers to scrape clean the bottoms of my microwave food entrees, and they totally understood. We also talked about how some foods have become "SO not worth it" to us . . .because they're such a small portion and so many calories. We're also quite serious about eating every last bit--today my friend dropped a raisin, and I joked about it . . .but deep down, I knew that if it was me, I'd have grabbed the raisin off the floor and eaten it. Every raisin counts.

I shall leave you all to ponder that as I finish up my roasted potatoes and broccoli, which I mistakenly thought also contained chicken. As you can imagine, I'm pretty disappointed right about now. Anyway . . .here's to living longer!


April said...

You go, Amy! I am so proud of you! Dang, it is hard, isn't it? Why the hell didn't we divest ourselves of a hundred pounds back when it wouldn't have been so painful?

Keep it up and keep sharing. It's inspiring.

Also -- I have added you to my feedburner so I can finally keep up! Sorry to be so late in reading!

Love you, Amy.

Amy N. said...

You are so funny and totally right on! I have been trying to diet and when I get really in the grove I figure out how much I can eat and then obsess about it all day! Good luck, it sounds like you are do great! Keep posting, maybe you will motivate me to stick to a diet!

Anonymous said...

Don't get obsessed with the counting, you will lose interest. just keep working at portions and exerising, even alittle bit helps. keep up the good work!!!

nichole said...

Amy, let me know if you want to walk with me. I normally can't go until after Nick gets home. I am also trying to get healthier again, so we can be on the same plan. I have some things that have really worked for me, so let me know if you want me to pass some of the info.