Monday, February 26, 2007

I have always love the Oscars. Ever since I was a little girl, I would dream of the speech I would give if I would win, and how I would act when other people got their awards. It has always made me really happy to watch. I know a lot of people think that it's all just a bunch of fake Hollywood glamour, but you know what? Watching tonight, I realized how much those people can affect the world around them. I love the fact that people who are artists are often more sensitive and emotional about the world around them. I love that Al Gore won an award for caring about our environment--something that people have mocked him for the last 30 years about, and yet, he was finally recognized and applauded as the genuinely good and caring person that I believe he is. I love that tonight I heard a woman speak in Chinese and a man speak in Italian. I love that there was a French presenter, a Japanese presenter, and a German presenter. I love that people all over the world, from Britain to Israel won awards and were recognized for their contributions to the screen. I love that a lesbian hosted, and another lesbian won an award for best song and thanked her wife. I love that Jennifer Hudson, a girl who 2 years ago was living in Chicago like anyone else, and who Simon Cowell said would never make it because of her size, was on that stage tonight, belting it out with Beyonce, and winning her Academy Award. I love that Queen Latifah came out, a full figured woman who is absolutely gorgeous and so classy. I love that the little girl from "Little Miss Sunshine" (Abby Breslin) was there, smiling her sweet, genuine smile, dressed in the sweetest, cutest little dress, not being skinny and Hollywood and made-up and glamourous, just being an intelligent and fun little girl. I love that this one night of the year makes a film lover like me feel proud and wish, once again, that I could be a part of such a profession, where reality meets with one's craft, and where artists strive to change the world through their art. As Ellen said, tonight was the most international Oscar ceremony in history, and I am so proud of all of those involved. Their films not only change the world by example, but so do the artists involved by the things they say and do, by and large. Give me any one of them over Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson or Brittney Spears any day. They also change each of us who believe in the magic of stories, whether on film, stage, or in books . . .they make us laugh and cry and everything in between. The Oscar goes to the Oscars for years and years of entertaining, challenging, and inspiring us all!

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