Friday, January 26, 2007

The Most Thanks

I have to say . . .sorry to the rest of you, I'm sure your partners are nice and all . . .but mine is the best. :) I have to thank Jim the most, because he is the most amazing man in the entire universe, and I am so lucky he is mine. He took (and is taking) really good care of me. I love him SOOOO so much. I know that we (baby and I) could never have done this without him.

My mom was also amazing, and never left the entire time I was in surgery and recovering in the hospital. So thanks to her too, for being the world's best mom.

I know I also could not have done this without my God. Being able to pray the whole time they were doing this, asking him to protect the baby, was what gave me strength.

Finally, thanks to my Dad, Ashleigh, Kyleigh, and Pastor Dave for stopping by to see me in the hospital. Thanks also to Kathie and Sarah for offering to come! All of you mean a lot to us!

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April said...

Hey, when do y'all find out whether this little one has a wang or not? :)