Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saved from Extinction

Remember my green thumb desires? Well . . .I am so proud of myself! First, I must start by saying this: if any of you ever get potted plants or flowers from a florist, do not leave them potted the way they came. We got several, and they were all put together for presentation, not preservation. It's obviously not uncommon, since they were all from different places. These flowers and plants immediately started dying, one by one. I was really heartbroken about it, because not only do they represent the love and compassion of our friends and family, but they are also a living reminder of our son. So I decided to try to somehow save them. Some of them were honestly nothing but a couple of stray stems with roots. I bought pots and potting soil and plant food and a watering can . . .and I am so excited to say that they are getting healthier every day!
This plant was all dead--see the flowers that are all brown and dried at the top? That's how the entire thing looked. But now you can see the red flowers coming back!
The ivy was down to just a few stray strands surviving . . .but as you can see, it's growing like crazy now. I am particularly proud of this one, as I have never had any luck with ivy (my Eureka ivy died not long after graduation).

These two are doing very well, and I really like the pots I found for them.

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